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Natalie Daniel - Trauma Practitioner

I'm Natalie Daniel, Trauma & Attachment Practitioner. I've been working in the field for over 20 years and have enjoyed a wide array of professional experiences. 

My main goal is helping you get to a happier place by providing you with the best treatment options to quickly address the circumstances you're facing.

I’ve seen first hand the frustration that parents feel when they’re exhausted by the constant power struggles, phone calls from the school, and draining evening/morning routines.

Parents would say to me that they just want their old child back, that things used to be so much easier.

I knew at an early age that I was destined to work with families.

From early on, I loved the role of mediator, problem solver, and facilitator of change.

Whether it was with foster children, parents, couples, siblings, I knew my role was to help each individual see the missing links….the unspoken words that could mend relationships.

Eventually Attuned Walk was created through merging several different therapeutic models, to create a deep understanding and a framework for you and your family.

A place where you discover quickly that lasting changes are possible. A happier home is just a click away.

As unique individuals, we start our journey looking for a solution that matches our unique challenge and struggles. I'd be happy to assist you in finding the treatment that best suits your needs. 

What To Expect:

Over the course of the one hour video call, we'll have a chance to connect and learn more about the things you've done, things you've had success with, and the things that haven't worked so well

Stronger working together

We all need a person

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