Natalie Daniel

Trauma & Attachment Practitioner

I'm Natalie, I have been practicing in the field for over 20 years in various professional settings. Some of my favourite experiences include working at a lead mental health agency, supporting foster & adoptive families in treatment homes, as well as advocating so families feel heard.

I come from a strong background where my parents turned our home into a treatment foster home and I became familiar with multiple family dynamics, mental health impacts on individuals as well as the impact on a family system, parental system and siblings.

The above experiences combines with comprehensive training have allowed me the expertise to quickly and effectively assess the attachment patterns that are taking place in an environment and look for the trauma narratives that are playing and enforcing an old dance pattern to take place. 

I started private practice so I could provide individuals, couples, families and parents access to trauma treatment. With the understanding of triggers, trauma patterns, and attachment behaviours, we start to see a reduced need for coping tools and a deeper attachment connection.

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