trauma treatment

Trauma Treatment | Navigating The Mental Health System

trauma treatment

Looking ahead to a brighter future, one where trauma doesn’t impact us daily….

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to not have to used mindfulness exercises, or coping strategies on a daily basis.

The coping strategies are great to have, but using them on your terms when you feel you’d like to use them, verses daily use.

I’d like to share with you that while coping strategies have their place to get us by, imagine what life would be like if you didn’t have the challenge of carrying such a heavy load.

That load some times isn’t even there in our conscious knowledge. Sometimes we’re working really hard on things we can’t see. Things like too much noise puts us on edge and we don’t get why. Other times it’s a floor that’s not swept that other times it’s feeling drained and exhausted and not understanding why we don’t have the energy we use to have.

Trauma treatment can help on so so many levels and be stored in our nervous system, only to be released in the most unsuspecting moments.

I don’t feel that anyone in this day and age is immune to the impacts of trauma. While there’s big T trauma and little t trauma, our nervous systems are overloaded and in need of self care, coping strategies, and daily management to keep up with our busy lives….but if we process through the feelings we have stored in our systems, we suddenly expand and realize we have more space. More space before we hit exhaustion, anger, fear, panic, or shut down mode.

Trauma treatment doesn’t have to be talk therapy, trauma treatment can be all about pulling up an image or an event that you have some feelings about….even if you don’t know what the feelings are bio feedback is great at locating where in your body the feelings are stored, what the feelings are, and processing it through without you ever having to speak about it.

If you’d like to try a session you can reach out and connect with me for a free consultation.

For those who have been using strategies and are looking to better understand the mental health system and how to navigate all the acronyms, and labels, I”m only a call away.

Navigating the mental health system is something that often accompanies trauma. Often it can be overwhelming and hard to know what service you need and what the services do.

I’m here to attend appointments with you, help understand how to access services, and how to advocate so people can understand the impacts mental health is having on your life.